Palazzo del Poggiano

Palazzo del Poggiano is an ancient aristocratic residence located in the foothills inland of Rimini, in Poggio Torriana to be exact.


The beauty of this building narrates the various eras it has crossed, starting in the Middle Ages with the rule of the Malatesta family. Between 1295 and 1500, the lords of Rimini brought great changes to the city in artistic, political and urban planning terms. One of the many castles and fortified settlements that can be traced back to their presence in the territory is Palazzo del Poggiano, a stately hunting lodge and country residence.

After the Malatesta, over the centuries, Palazzo del Poggiano has belonged to many other noble families and, after a few relatively obscure years, in the 19th century returned to its former splendour thanks to the Tosi, a local noble family to whom we owe the elegant interiors, with original period furnishings.

The recent conservative refurbishment carried out by the current owners was designed with the aim of respecting the authenticity of the building, retaining the traces of history and the passing of ancient seigniories and owners. Indeed, the atmosphere that still reigns inside is that of a truly authentic ancient residence.


Palazzo del Poggiano is surrounded by a large park that has boasted dense vegetation since the Middle Ages, including some monumental, centuries-old oak trees that still survive to this day.
In the 19th century, numerous other trees were planted in the park, including a charming avenue of noble and graceful lime trees.


Palazzo del Poggiano boasts rooms and other spaces rich in atmosphere, which can be used to host various occasions and events:
- Various kinds of banquets
- Photo sets and shoots
- Tastings and themed evenings
- Courses and workshops, thanks to the numerous indoor rooms and an outdoor park
- Company team building
- Small weddings

In 2022, Palazzo del Poggiano has embarked on a new path dedicated to all aspects of hospitality: in fact, whilst respecting the original architecture of the residence, we have created accommodation facilities for those who want to spend a holiday in Rimini in a place from another era.

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